Yoga is as Good as a Rest

yoga 3

Think of your physical and mental health more efficiently. Some people think that it is genetic to be in a good shape and being in a good mood is only meant for happy people. No, things aren’t so unfairly dispatched!
Actually, everything depends on you: what you do for your physical health, what you apply for your mental health, and what kind of food you eat.

We all know that our mood depends on our daily lives. If our life conditions are good, our life will be smooth. If not, it’ll be harder. Anyway we can not avoid problems, but we can limit them. How?

Solutions are very simple!

Firstly, your food habits can be changed if they are bad. We all can do that. The first condition to make it is to be convinced to eat normally without excess.

Secondly, your physical and mental health can be better if you practice sport regularly and also yoga. About yoga, the advantage is that you can do it at home, in a few minutes, without pressure because you can stop and start anytime. Moreover some positions don’t need you to put sportswear on, that’s the reason why. Practising yoga makes you feel better thanks to the breath you take: breathe normally, deeply and expire by the nose, always slowly. While expiring, you’ll feel the heat of the air going out. Breathing is essential in sports, if you know how to breath, you’ll be amazed how far and how much you can go further with your efforts and will. The yoga does really help the energy move all over your body. Then the effect is immediate: you feel relieved, all the weight inside if you disappears slowly, right away.

Depression is among the diseases which can be avoided, if you practice yoga at least 15 min a day. Isn’t that so much better than taking drugs?

Here are some easy positions- always breathe slowly and deeply- (see if they are good for your body):

  • The first one is to stand up. Lift your right arm high, close to your ear. Your back must be straight. Fold your left knee back so as to make your heel touch your bottom. Do this for about 1min. Do the same position with your left arm and right knee.
  • The second one is to sit down on the ground along a wall. Lift both legs against the wall where as you lay your back down on the ground. Put your arms along your body. Stay in this position for 5 min. Stop and above all, do not stand up too fast, take your time before standing up.
  • The third one is to sit on a chair. Hold with both hands the top of the chair, it must be on your side not at your back. Turn around your waist and try to look behind you as far as possible. Stop when you can’t turn anymore. Breathe and feel the air coming through your lungs. Come back to the initial position. Do the opposite position for the other side. You’ll feel really relieved!