Yoga Exercises for the Eyes


In this digital age where electronic devices dominate our daily life, the eyes have become just as abused as our legs and arms. Most of us stare at a computer screen for hours during work and continue to do so when we get home. In between those hours, other eye strainers are the mobile phone, television, books, and the movie screen. No wonder it has now become rare to find anyone with perfect vision.

Being a health buff, I have been practicing yoga with friends for almost a year now. Aside from strengthening our limbs and improving circulation, part of our yoga exercise is the strengthening of our eyes. Following our warm-up breathing exercises, our yoga instructor proceeds with the eye exercises while in the Siddhasana (Accomplished Pose).

Start by looking straight forward, neck and spine straight and relaxed, focusing on the point exactly in front of you. Without moving your head or neck, look at the ceiling and floor, moving your eyes in an upward and downward motion. Repeat this motion 6 times in moderate speed, ending with your eyes looking straight forward where you started. After this set, follow it by moving your eyes left and right, looking at the farthest point on your right side and your left side. Repeat this motion 6 times again. After these eye exercises, rub your hands together until they become warm, then close your eyes and cup your hands over eyes and feel the soothing warmth. Keep your hands over your eyes for 15 seconds and repeat the rubbing of your palms and cupping of the eyes 3 times.

You can do these exercises even while you are in your workstation. If you plan to do this daily, modify the exercises by changing the range of motion of your eyes every other day. Other motions include looking at the upper right corner, then at the lower left corner. Repeat this on the other side. Another good exercise is to move your eyeballs all around in a clockwise motion 6 times and another 6 sets in a counter-clockwise direction. Remember to keep your head and neck motionless and let your eyes do the stretching. And don’t forget to maintain relaxed breathing while doing the exercises.

Doing these eye exercises regularly will strengthen your eye muscles, prevent eye strain, and improve eyesight. Don’t just keep your limbs healthy and strong, your eyes need care too.