Meditation Class

How much does it cost ? The classes are offered free of cost. There is no fee  collected  for the classes, registration or for take home materials.  Attending regular Sahaja Meditation workshops around Bay Area is also offered free of cost.

Who are the instructors ? The instructors are residents of Bay Area who are experienced volunteers and have long been practicing Sahaja Meditation.

Shri Mataji visited Berkeley. On June 18, 2000 she held Public Program. At the time of the program the Mayor of Berkeley announced Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Day to commemorate Shri Mataji’s contribution for World’s Peace.  

Check for current meetings information.

Folsom, Sacramento, CA meetings:

Cynthia’s Dance studio.
304 S. Lexington drive, Folsom CA
Every Sunday 930 am
Tel: (Toll free) 877-642-6074, 720-496-8704
Call or email for more information.

Meetup link:
Cynthia’s Dance studio at the intersection of s. Lexington drive & Oak avenue pkwy.